Tips, Tricks, and M&M's

Sometimes, there is more to life than talking about libraries and technology. Specifically I’m thinking about M&M’s and packing fractions. I’ll get to that later. I often feel like there is way too much good stuff to talk about on the technology in libraries front, not to mention too much just fun, random stuff to share. But never fear, once again the Waki Librarian has picked out a few great articles and distractions to make your Friday a little brighter.

You probably write a lot at work, right? There are always emails, reports, proposals and grants to write. All those drafts need to be proofread and perfected before sending out. So here is an article on 10 quick tips for powerful proofwriting. These are really helpful. Do you have any tips on proofreading? I’d love to hear them.

Are you tempted to buy the iPhone or do you already own an iPhone? If it is the former rather than the latter, check out Lifehacker’s:
Bad Apple: An Argument against Buying an iPhone before you buy. I think alienating developers is a really poor move. I think the iPhone look great and have truly changed the mobile landscape, but I wonder if the way it is going is sustainable.

Okay, in a totally different vein, I know it is only the end July, but you should really take a look at Lifehacker’s guide on avoiding holiday debt. Especially with the economy being what it is, it is never to early to think about saving money during the holidays.

Because it is Friday, we need to end with something completely geeky and very fun. Check out the video about guessing the number of M&Ms in a jar. This is a fantastic use of physics and a great problem to give students! I hope my office does a guess the M&Ms in a jar contest soon so I can use packing fractions to my advantage!

Have a great weekend, read a lot and the Waki Librarian will be back next week with more.