Fixing Computers and Other Stuff

Sorry for the delay between posts. I’ve been gone the last week and am just now catching up on all the RSS feeds and other news. So today’s post is about fixing computers, reducing waste and having a little fun, naturally.

Do you remember all the talk about how using computers would lead to a paperless office? Didn’t really happen, now did it? I think as we have found out, if anything, it seems like there is more paper around than ever before. To help us all get into a less paper-intensive existence, here is Lifehacker’s great article on Going Paperless. I especially like the ideas for using a digital signature and getting rid of all the junk mail. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to go completely paperless, but this article definitely helps to cut down on needless clutter.

Speaking of going paperless, you should check out PC World’s article on your printer and whether it is stealing from you. Basically the article talks about the best and worst printers in terms of cost of printing. You know how printers are cheap, but the ink is super-expensive, right? So check this out and if you are in the market for a new printer, definitely stay away from the “Most Wanted” list. Just another reason to go paperless, no?

Lifehacker has done it again with a great summary article on 10 computer hardware fixes and upgrades. This is a great list to help you successfully upgrade and fix your computer. I really want to try the ideas on how to quiet a loud hard drive on my work computer, but I think the IT department would probably have a heart attack so I’ll try on my home computer instead. Again, great stuff from Lifehacker.

And finally, something fun: check out Unshelved. This week is all about the Internet and the library and the strip is absolutely hilarious.

Have a great day, read a lot, and I’ll be back later in the week with more.