Updating the Updates

Do you ever feel like you just have a handle on technology and then it suddenly changes? I’m pretty much feeling the information overload lately, although that might be partially related to the lack of sleep. But as today’s post title says, I’m going to attempt to update some of the most recent updates about technology and tools that I’ve posted to the Waki Librarian blog. So here we go!

First off we have The Bookworm’s Guide to the Lifehacker Galaxy. A great article and compendium of book related websites and tools, some of which were mentioned in a previous post. But this is a great refresher and an excuse to think about books while online or under the guise of getting more organized.

Librarian in Black has a great post on text messaging, Pew Studies, and information overload. Since mobile technologies are so hot right now, it pays to read the study on text messaging and mobile use. As ever, more information to update you on the latest trends and ways of applying the data to your library’s needs.

And, as an update to news about college students and unemployment during this recession, take a look at this New York Times article, In Recession, Optimistic College Graduates Turn Down Jobs. This is something I just couldn’t believe until I read the quotes from students in the article. I can’t believe that someone would turn down a job now when I have friends that have been trying so hard to get employment for months. I am just flabbergasted; there are no words.

So that is the end of the updates of the updates. As always, read lots, have a fantastic day and the Waki Librarian will be back with more later this week.