Increasing Your Knowledge Base

Knowledge management is one of the latest buzzwords (buzzphrase?). While it might get annoying to keep hearing about “knowledge management” no one can doubt its importance. But it isn’t just about knowledge management, you first need to have a knowledge base in order to have something to manage! So, in today’s turbulent economic times, I thought it would appropriate to share some interesting links and resources for expanding your knowledge base and taking care of business.

There is a great article on about how Multiple Knowledge Bases=Multiple Job Opportunities. I highly suggest checking it out because as everyone says, you never know where your next opportunity will take you or when it will be presented to you. And aren’t librarians some of the best people in the world when it comes to increasing our knowledge and being “Jack/Jill of all trades”?

Talking about knowing more and making connections, have you heard about linked data? If not, check out this great post on on Linked Data. Definitely check out the TED talk and get ready for linked data. I think this is a fantastic opportunity, especially for use in reference questions!

And, because a post on increasing knowledge bases definitely needs to touch on employment, check out Beyond the Job. This is a great website to come to for information about professional development and tips for everyone . Really, it is great and it has an RSS feed so really, no excuse not to check it out.

Everyone should understand the importance of taking control of their data and profiles that are available online. However, you might not know about Google Profiles. So check out the information on Lifehacker about how you can create your own Google Profile.

Lastly, check out Business Week’s article on making decisions outside your comfort zone. It is always good to get outside your comfort zone once in a while. Plus it will help you increase your practical knowledge base.

That is it from the Waki Librarian. Have a great Friday and weekend. More next week.