Experience Relaxation

Happy Friday, dear readers! May has been a very, very busy month both at work and at home, thus the quiet on this blog. But no more, I think both my students and I can see the light at the end of the tunnel of Spring Quarter and the welcome (relative) relaxation of summer. So in honor of that relaxation spirit, I have a couple of posts about relaxation to share today.

I really enjoyed this article from Lifehacker about how you can learn to finally, really relax. I have a hard time turning off work worries sometimes and learning how to truly relax has been a process for me. So if you have a hard time with relaxing (without feeling guilty, too), this article might strike a chord with you, too.

Also, I find that if I don’t get enough relaxation in, I’m more likely to develop a bad mood. I know, shocking! But if I do get in a bad mood, it is nice to have a list of top 10 ways to beat a bad mood. I hope you aren’t in a bad mood often, but when it strikes now you can be prepared.

And, because it is Friday, I had to share a yummy Joy the Baker recipe perfect for the upcoming summer: buttermilk ice cream with strawberries.

Have a wonderful day and lovely relaxing weekend, dear readers. I’ll try to not be too long before my next post. Allons-y!

p.s. For those of you who enjoy Rodney Yee’s yoga routines, you probably found the title of this blog post familiar. Yoga is definitely one of the ways I’ve found to unwind, center, and relax. Have fun in whatever ways you find work to experience relaxation.