Tuesday Fun

Happy Tuesday, dear readers! I hope your week is going well and you had a lovely weekend. We had a busy weekend on campus with Welcome Day for our newly admitted students. Fun to see so many excited people and give out some library information and swag. Now it is back to work, meetings, and hopefully some writing this week. But for right now, let’s get into the fun.

I’m teaching digital history this term, so anything that might be useful or interesting for my class automatically makes it to the top of my “to share” list. So I’m rather excited that Good Street View now lets you travel back in time. Pretty nifty.

Anyone who has been reading this blog for a bit understands that I am really fond of cats. (Yes, it fits into the librarian stereotype. No, I don’t care.) So I quite loved this sleek table is hiding a playground for cats. Looks super-fun for cats, although I think my cat would have more fun trying to scare people when they were sitting at the table more than anything else.

And because we are supposed to be getting abnormally hot weather this week, and hot weather obviously makes me think of summer, I had to share this Joy the Baker recipe for lemon pound cake with lemon poppy seed buttercream. I may have to make this for a BBQ we’ll be going to in the neari-ish future.

Have a lovely rest of your day, dear readers. I’m be back soon with some more news and notes. Allons-y!