Tuesday Fun to Share

Hello, dear readers! I hope your week is going well. Since many blogs seem to have Friday Fun posts, I thought that Tuesday should get some love as well. So today I have one useful article to share a few fun things to share as well. So get ready for statistics, reader species, and lemon waffles.

First up, a useful post on statistics by Lifehacker, 4 common statistical misconceptions you should avoid. I am of the opinion that everyone should know at least basic statistics and this post will help out a bit in that regard. I think it is especially handy for when you are reading newspaper articles that include statistics, which are oftentimes misleading.

I love this graphic, What Reader Species Are You?, by Laura E. Kelly. It is fun to read and share, as well as try to determine where you fit in the classification schema.

Finally, if you need a tasty recipe for lemons, check out Joy the Baker’s lemon ricotta waffles with poppy seeds and be happy that it’s summer. The smell of citrus always makes me think of summer holidays.

I hope you have a great week and I’ll be back on Friday with more. Allons-y!