Tech Tips for Friday

Happy Friday, dear readers! I hope you had a lovely week and have a lovely weekend planned. Today I just want to share a few articles with tech tips to help you and for you to share with others.

As anyone who has read this blog for a bit knows, I’m at least slightly interested in productivity. I really liked this article from Lifehacker on 4 lies you tell yourself about productivity and how to stop them. I always enjoy articles that tell me not only what may be a problem, but also how to fix the problem. Also, pro tip, huge fan of single tasking. I get so much more done, in less time, and with less stress than when trying to multitask.

Are you a fan of the cloud? I am, especially for backup storage when I’m working on projects and since I probably work on around 4 different computers on any given day. I’m also a fan of privacy and keeping my documents private until I want to have them shared. So this article on the best cloud storage services that protect your privacy is of great use to me and I hope you, too.

Also, why do services have to continually change their user interface? I just don’t get it. So if you use Gmail, check out this post about how Gmail has new ads that look like emails; here’s how to turn them off. Take back your inbox!

Finally, for something empowering, hop on over to Ink and Vellum to read I am a Librarian. It’s just lovely.

I hope you have a fantastic rest of your day and I’ll be back next week. Allons-y!