Friday's Post of Tips

Happy Friday, dear readers. I can’t believe how busy this quarter has been and we are only in the second week! Today’s post is the usual assortment of things I’ve read that I think are helpful as well as some fun stuff to get you ready for your weekend. So let’s get into it.

I have various friends and family members who are currently looking for work, so I thought this Lifehacker article on 10 tips for acing your next job interview was particularly timely and useful.

I am also a fan of this article on 9 strategies successful people use to overcome stress. Having a less stressful new year is something I think everyone can get behind as a resolution and I hope this article is useful for you, too.

Also, I know we are just past the holidays, but I love planning travel and thought you all might be interested in Lifehacker’s planning cheap travel guide, too. Let’s hear it for planning summer vacations!

This article was really interesting and I’m thinking of sharing it with my information literacy class: how websites vary prices based on your information and what you can do about it.

Finally, on to the fun. This video of 3D projections on a building is amazing. Watch this when you need a break and need to get inspired.

Also, in craft news, I love this One Ring Scarf over on the Make: Craft blog. It is awesome. So if you have friends that knit and love LOTR, do share this with them.

Have a wonderful weekend. I’ll be back with more next week and perhaps even some thoughts on teaching this quarter. Allons-y!