Friday Fun: Digital Data

Happy Friday, dear readers! I hope you’ve had a lovely week. I’m excited it’s almost the weekend as it has been a very busy week on campus (final exams week). Today I just want to share some information that has come up in the past week or so about digital archives, preservation, and data. Lots of good stuff to think about over the weekend.

But first, in case you are tempted to work over the weekend, check out Lifehacker’s article on How Many Hours Do You Work Per Week? (Hint: If it’s over 40, you may have a problem). This is a great reminder to not work crazy-long hours and to also use the hours you do work effectively so you still accomplish what you need to during your workweek. Let’s all raise a cup of tea (or coffee) to not being slaves to work!

Share this great infographic with your colleagues, friends, and family and stop the email insanity! Should I send this E-mail? (infographic). Less email= less time spent on email = less digital stuff to worry about = less to curate and preserve in the future = everyone is happier!

This is a great article, NSW Government to open source digital archives software. I’m so excited to see what open source software is created by the government as the programmers and records managers continue to work on managing the digital archives in New South Wales.

If you are into digital data curation and use or just curious about the world of digital data, check out the new blog from the California Digital Library, Data Pub. I think this will turn into a really useful resource for people working in the field and a great resource to help those who are new to data curation, preserving and accessing data sets online, etc. It would be a great resource to share with researchers you know who want to access open data sets and/or need to comply with new grant regulations about preserving and making available their data sets.

On the fun side of talking about digital stuff and computers, check out this great Kickstarter for IT Barrier Tape from the creators of “Not Invented Here” comic strip. I’m definitely backing this because I want a few rolls of the tape because they will make great gifts for some computer engineers I know. 🙂

Finally, check out this lovely photograph. Doesn’t it just make you want to go on vacation? I think it is a wonderful image to get us into a relaxed state for he weekend.

Photo from Inspirationlane via Beautiful Portals Tumblr

Photo from Inspirationlane via Beautiful Portals Tumblr

Have a wonderful rest of your day, a lovely weekend, and I’ll be back next week with more library and archives talk. Allons-y!