Friday Priorities

Happy Friday, dear readers. I hope your week has gone well and you have a lovely weekend planned. Here in the Bay Area, we are looking forward to a weekend of rain and perhaps even thunderstorms. I’m looking forward to it because we definitely need the rain. It has been a busy week here (but really, what week doesn’t seem busy?) with candidates interviewing and our wonderful archives assistant leaving for another opportunity. So I just have a few things to share about how to prioritize, along with some tips and goodies as always.

I really like this post from Lifehacker on instead of saying I don’t have time, say it’s not a priority. It’s a nice, simple way of prioritizing what you do in your life. I know I have to stop and reflect often to make sure I’m both 1. not doing busy work just because and 2. am making time for those things that are important in my life. It’s like my momma always says, “You always have time for the stuff in your life that is important to you.”

Also, click through to the original article that Lifehacker is riffing on to get some more tips and thoughtful advice. And, I have to say, I’m definitely in the camp of people who work intensely instead of longer hours (yay for single tasking!) and yes, I definitely need 8 hours of sleep a night (and that is a huge priority for me).

If saving time is a priority for you (and really, who doesn’t like to save time), check out how to quickly read a terms of service. Not only will you be able to save time, you’ll also be more informed about all those services you sign up for and what you’re actually agreeing to.

I love design and I appreciate those who take the time to make sure that products, websites, and services are not only functional, but also beautiful and a joy to use. Thus I quite like Lifehacker’s top 10 pro tips and tools for budding web developers and designers. Check it out and share it with those people in your life who are getting into web design and development.

I leave you with this absolutely lovely image found through the wonderful Beautiful Portals Tumblr:

"A Touch of Rose" by Emerald Depths

"A Touch of Rose" by Emerald Depths

Have a wonderful weekend full of relaxing and doing things which are priorities for you. I’ll be back again next week. Allons-y!