Productivity for Mother's Day

Happy Friday! This is (once again) a quick break from focusing specifically on libraries and technology because it is Mother’s Day on Sunday. This probably means you have more important things to do than read a blog post (hopefully it involves making your mother something lovely for brunch). So without further ado, here is your abbreviated post that will leave you plenty of time to do all that last minute shopping or cooking.

Morning people have a lot going for them. They get up before most of the world therefore they get to start being productive earlier with less distractions. If you want to get more done in the mornings, check out Lifehacker’s post: ditch the morning drag by creating a new routine.

With all your new-found time, you can also check out this article from Lifehacker on Anything to help me with pronouncing people’s names correctly is a good thing in my book.

Now that you are organized and have a couple of new tools in your pocket, check out Joy the Baker’s Mama’s Day Brunch Menu. Joy has one of the most fabulous baking blogs–I love the recipes and her writing. Seriously, check it out and surprise and delight your mother. (And if your mother happens to like chocolate, check out the recipe for old school fudge brownies with walnuts. Trust me, they are fantastic and you will not be disappointed.

So stop reading this post and go get ready for Mother’s Day, or enjoy the sunshine outside, or enjoy the sunshine while reading a book. Just have a lovely weekend and the Waki Librarian will be back next week with more technology and library fun.