Spending Time Staring at the Computer Screen

I know that I spend way too much time staring at a computer screen each day. It is funny, in an ironic sort of way, that a machine that was supposed to make our lives simpler has taken over so much time in our days. Of course, I’m not against computers or the Internet in any sort of way, but sometimes it is just lovely to have a computer free day. But as this is not possible very often at work, so this post is filled with tips and tools to make staring at your computer screen a little easier.

I’m sure a lot of people already know how to change the background color in Adobe Reader for eye-friendly contrast. But if you don’t, check out the steps and make your eyeballs happy as you start reading the tenth article online.

If you are reading online, you might as well make it something worthwhile. So check out the Foreign Service Institute’s extensive language courses and brush up on your French or learn Japanese.

I am not a huge fan of email. Yes, for certain tasks it is efficient and effective, but I get way too much junk in my inbox each day by people sending messages that are completely unnecessary. I think this should be required reading for anyone who uses email: 8 things I wish everyone knew about email. Really people, could we all agree to only use the “Reply All” button if it is really, really necessary?

If you decide to send less email you might have more time to do actual work. And if you are doing work, you should consider Who judges your work? A good reminder that not all opinions are created equal and should be given equal consideration.

Final tip for the day is comes from the Mashable post, 5 tips for creating the perfect profile pic. Great tips for anyone who wants to update their profile photograph or other online avatars and images.

And for your Friday work break, check out the latest Vlogbrother video made by Hank (& then figure out who is in your Hug Bucket):

Have a lovely weekend, read a lot, give lots of hugs, and the Waki Librarian will be back next week with more technology and library commentary and tips.