Reducing Waste

No, don’t worry, this post is not about recycling or composting or even the Green Movement. Instead this is about reducing waste in terms of your time, energy and inspiration. It is back-to-school time and the campus is crazy here. So this topic of reducing waste is really close to my heart, especially as more things get piled on my plate.

First there is this article about “An inside look at college costs”. While we can argue about the accuracy of the article’s claims (and I think we should definitely look at the “objectivity”), it still brings up an important point–the bloat that exists at a lot of campuses. Sometimes reducing waste means reducing administration or streamlining processes instead of trying to blame faculty salaries for the woes of the university’s budget situation.

Speaking of working more efficiency, take a look at this article, “Maker’s schedule, Manager’s schedule”. This article made so much sense to me–this is why I just dislike meetings so much (or at least one of the reasons). Meetings just break up my flow in the work day and I like the idea of scheduling meetings at the end of the day like office hours–that would make me so much happier. I wonder if we could implement this…

And, of course, Lifehacker comes out with a great post on how to Reduce your inboxes to streamline your workflow and reduce stress. This is such a great tip and really makes my life much easier. I highly suggest it if you haven’t already combined and/or reduced your inboxes.

So that is it for the Waki Librarian today. Have a wonderful rest of your week, read a lot, and I’ll be back next week.