Working in Less Time

I taught my first classes of the quarter yesterday, so the quarter finally feels like it has begun. It is crazy busy in the library as both new and returning students attempt to use our new printing system and navigate all the hurdles of registering for classes and finding textbooks on the cheap. Therefore, being able to get more done in less time is a really appealing to me. I think it is one of the reasons I like working from home occasionally. At home, I get more done in four hours than I can get done most days at work because I can truly focus in on what I’m doing at home. This post has some links to great articles and tools to help you get more done and actually have a life outside of work.

Lifehacker has a great article on the best sounds for getting work done. If you like to listen to music while you work, definitely check out this article. You might find some new favorite music to listen to while you are cranking out the reports.

I absolutely love and support this thought: “If you need to work better, maybe try working less”. I find that scheduling deadlines and tasks definitely keeps me on target and I get more accomplished than when I have more amorphous goals for the day or week. And I completely agree that it seems like we operate under the assumption that being at work late into the night or overworking and under-sleeping are signs of greatness or badges of honor. But actually taking time off and having a life makes one not only a happier, healthier individual, but someone who will actually be able to accomplish more. It is great to have some studies backing this common sense idea.

If you still haven’t used Wolfram Alpha, you really need to go there and check out what everyone is talking about. Wolfram Alpha’s retirement calculations is just another great feature of Wolfram and especially appealing in today’s turbulent economic times. It is another tool to add to your arsenal while you are planning your retirement.

This is a fantastic post on being at the point of need for our users. This post has some excellent tips and ideas that I think libraries need to think about implementing for the sake of our users.

Well, that is all from the Waki Librarian for today. I’m off to hold office hours. Enjoy the rest of your day and don’t forget to read and grow!