Signs of the Times

I am really bad at making up blog post titles so please forgive the overused title of this post. So here is a round-up of some tips and articles all about saving money, time, and getting things done during our lovely recession.

So as we all know, being green is the new black. In honor of that, here is Lifehacker’s Top 10 Battery Hacks. Here’s to getting more out of your batteries and to using rechargeable batteries. I have to say I love rechargeable batteries. I use them in everything that I don’t plug into my computer to charge, except for the cell phone. So what’s your favorite battery hack?

Okay, so between the hysteria over swine flu and the real problem of the recession, the news has not been so uplifting lately. Here is an interesting approach to saving money on a college degree:saving money with no-frills college. Although I think the entire problem of tuition needs to be tackled, no-frills colleges are a viable option for saving money. What do you think?

Okay, so it isn’t all doom-and-gloom on the economy front as Trade Paperbacks are doing quite well and some publishers are opting to have titles go straight to trade paperback, bypassing hardcover altogether. This works for me as I rarely have the money to buy titles in hardcover, but can usually afford a paperback–and trade paperbacks are usually pretty nice & have a larger cover than mass-market paperbacks which appeals graphically. So yay for yet another article that rallies in the face of the naysayers who just keep saying that reading is dead.

Finally, here is another Lifehacker article about Smart Installer which sounds great. Smart Installer will save you time by loading all the software you like on your new pc. This would have saved me so much time during the week where IT changed out the computer in my office three times.

Have a great Monday and the Waki Librarian will be back later in the week with more tech fun.