Graduate School and Reading

I think a lot about reading and college. This is not surprising considering I work at an academic library. However, I think that I just might be obsessing a little more than usual lately. At my library, we are trying to conserve paper and printer toner to a greater extent than we already do. So I’m sitting, staring at my computer screen even more than usual and pondering issues at the academy when my mind wanders as I try to read yet another pdf online.

So what does this have to do with today’s post? Well, I’m glad you asked.

To help with online reading, check out Readable which allows you to change the font, color and layout of what you are reading to make it easier to read. And you get to customize it to your settings. I think this is fabulous and definitely need to spend more time playing around with Readable. This is a free application and would be great for manipulating content for easier reading for those with vision difficulties.

Now, about college, more specifically graduate school. U.S. News just put out its new lists of the Best Graduate Schools. I was happy to see that my alma mater, Simmons College, got into the top ten for library science and ranked even higher for the archives and preservation program. Though not perfect, it is an interesting ranking list to check out. And who doesn’t like lists or checking out who’s who in the rankings?

This is an interesting opinion piece from The Wall Street Journal: So you Want to be a Professor. Just another look at the academy’s tenure versus adjunct professor debate and the fact that some universities are admitting fewer PhD students this year. Just some food for thought.

Hope everyone has a great day. More fun, interesting, and helpful news later this week.

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