Friday Productivity and Fun

Fridays are great days. Not only is the weekend almost here, but the actual day–Friday–is usually one of the best days at work. People are more relaxed and getting ready for the weekend, there are less students on campus (which means more work can get done) and well, I just like Fridays. But sometimes productivity can suffer on Fridays when people go into weekend mode too quickly. So here are a few tips for productivity and work and some fun too, because it is Friday after all.

Don’t you hate it when your Internet connection is out? It almost always happens when you really, really need to be online and then you are stuck twiddling your thumbs wondering how anyone ever survived without the net. But here is Lifehacker to the rescue with what you should do when your internet’s out. These are great tips for organizing your space, your headspace and your computer. So pull the plug, even if your internet isn’t out, and get organized.

For all the Firefox users in the world, Lifehacker has another great article on the Top 10 Firefox Extensions in 2009. Get ready to customize your browser and get more organized and productive. If you have a favorite add-on that didn’t make the list, leave it in the comments so others can benefit from your knowledge.

AlternativeTo is an interesting site that lists alternatives to many popular software titles. So if you don’t want to splurge for Photoshop or want an alternative to iTunes, check out this site. It is always nice to have an easy way to start comparing software.

And finally, here is just something incredibly fun: The Easter Egg Archive. I love finding Easter Eggs on DVDs and with this site you don’t have to try all the various combinations of buttons on menus trying to find the Easter Eggs. You can just search for a title and get instructions on how to find the Easter Egg. Score one for being more efficient and getting to enjoy more Easter Eggs.

Have a great Friday and weekend. More next week.