Cool News

Can you believe that it is already Thursday? Well, I have some fun news and tools to make the last few days of the workweek fly by too.

I love Cooliris. It is such a fabulous add-on and time saver when you are searching through a mess of images. And now, Cooliris is even better. Yes, that’s right, you can now do even more with Cooliris, check out their blog post about the new features. Too bad it still isn’t compatible with Chrome. The best part, in my opinion, is the fact that you can now use Cooliris to search through the images on your computer! How cool is that? Now you can quickly scan through all those photographs on your hard drive to find the perfect one. This is going to make me so much more efficient at sorting through the photos on my computer. And it looks just as beautiful as when you are searching Flickr or another online image site. Really, take the minute today to download Cooliris and you can thank me tomorrow for all the time you have been saving.

In other cool news, Peggy sent me this great link about how many great advances are happening for accessibility. I think this is just wonderful and the fact that the California State University is leading the way just makes me inordinately happy to be working at a CSU. Now if we could just get Ning to be fully accessible, I think this week just might be perfect. But we are making progress and that is good.

I’m off now to work on the reference desk. Have a great day and remember that cool technology and accessibility can go hand in hand. Let me know of any other cool news you’ve heard.