Websites & Libraries

First off, I’m terribly sorry for the lack of updates on the blog. I’ve been in the black hole of jury duty for the past week and a half, but the trial is over and now back to blogging! So in honor of Friday, here are a couple of great presentations on websites, technology and libraries.

First from Librarian in Black is her presentation 10 LOL cat Laws of Web Services for Smaller, Underfunded Libraries. Well, I think that even if you work in a large library you can use some of this information as so many libraries are underfunded right now. I love the use of LOL cats (they were used in presentations at Internet Librarian this year too). I love the emphasis on interacting with patrons and actually creating a community in the library. Also, I love the fact that most of the suggestions can be done using free applications so all you have to do is put in the time. However, I’m still annoyed that a lot of the technology used in social networking is still not 100% accessible. I want to implement some of these ideas in the library I’m at, but as they aren’t accessible they can’t be implemented. I wish more of the Web 2.0 world would wake up and become accessible already!

And here is a pdf of the Michael Stephens’ Ten Tech Ideas Presentation. He presents on some great technology innovations and also covers some of the same ground that you can see in the LOL cats presentation. And, again, most of the technologies discussed can be used for free. One note, the pdf is huge and takes a bit of time to download. Also if you use Google Chrome, you might want to try to open it in another browser and it sometimes seems to get twitchy about opening in Chrome. (Why? I have no idea.)

And, after you get totally psyched to overhaul your website, or you feel overwhelmed, take a look at this great video that has been making its way around the internet. It will make you smile, promise. Have a great Friday and a great weekend.