Working smarter

So it is Thursday and I’m feeling really bad about the lack of updates this week. But I have an excuse, really I do. Loathe as I am to make excuses, dear reader, this time I will. I’ve been at jury duty and now am on a jury for the immediate future. So that is my excuse–I truly am sorry for the lack of updates.

But enough of that, there are still hours in the morning before my reporting time when things must be accomplished, blog posts must be written, lectures must be finished and articles must be edited. So, you’ve guessed correctly, today we will be discussing, once again, how to get things done.

I have to admit, when I want to get serious writing or editing done, there is nothing like working at home for me. I don’t check my email every five minutes, I turn off my phone and just dive into my writing only to surface hours later to check communication with the outside world. And, amazingly, the world hasn’t fallen apart because I’ve not emailed anyone in the last couple of hours. That is how I get work done.

The lovely Lifehacker has this great post by Gina Trapani on reusable solutions to common productivity problems. This article has lots of links to other helpful resources and tackles productivity issues that are larger than say what a Google gadget hack will fix. I think this is fantastic and a very helpful read. Just remember, in the end, it is really all on our own shoulders to get the work done–in and outside of the library.

Here’s a site that will definitely help you with your productivity, in terms of learning a new language: Open Culture’s Free Foreign Language Lessons. Links to 37 different languages and each one offers links to iTunes, a feed and a website for each language so you can pick which way you are going to get your lessons. Just be careful as some of the lessons are free up to a point and then want you to pay for more advanced ones. But I’m happy, finally a site that has Swedish listed!

Finally, we have to end on a fun note, so here is a link to another great Unshelved comic strip. I just love it–rock on librarians for exposing people to new and different, even dangerous ideas.

Have a great day and with any luck, the Waki Librarian will be back with more techie fun soon.