Geek Stuff

I’ve been thinking a lot about geeky stuff lately. Well, I guess that isn’t surprising, considering I write this blog. I think about gadgets, Web 2.0 stuff, science fiction and science fact all the time. But this week it has seemed like geeks are taking over the world–and I think that is a good thing. So here are some fun sites that allow you to embrace your inner geek.

This is a great post on the Ten Annoying Habits of a Geeky Spouse. I love this post. It is funny and so true. So have a chuckle and then look around the GeekDad blog and Wired’s website in general for more fun.

So many of you probably already know about ThinkGeek. But if you don’t, go take a look and find “stuff for smart masses.” From wacky t-shirts to awesome office supplies, you will find something for everyone who is a little or a lot on the geeky side of life. And just remember, as the Vlogbrothers say, there is nothing wrong with being a nerd–or a geek for that matter.

And finally, here is the link to Academic Earth. This is an amazing collection of video lectures and courses from some of the great professors from universities such as Yale, Stanford and MIT. So check out some videos and be prepared to learn. I think this is a great addition to the online video world of education and innovation–nice complement to TED talks if you are already using them.

Have a great day and have some fun. The Waki Librarian will be back with more later.