Making Mondays Productive

Sorry about the delay between posts. With finals week and actually stepping away from the computer for a weekend, I feel like I’ve not blogged in ages. So, without further ado, here are some helpful sites and random fun for making Monday both productive and just a little bit fun.

I am a complete Google Chrome convert. I still use Firefox for the extensions and for those few sites that don’t translate well in Chrome, but for the most part I’m a Chrome fan. So I am so excited for this announcement that Google has released a new Beta version. Now maybe they’ll be working on a version that works on Macs so more people can experience Chrome. This beta version is supposed to be faster, so score one for productivity help on a Monday.

Next up is spring cleaning because it actually is spring (even if it still feels like winter in parts of the country). So what better time is there to clean up your office so you can work more efficiently instead of burrowing through piles of paper in the attempt to find the one report you need that was in hardcopy? Lifehacker has this article and before and after photos of some great office transformations. So get cleaning! Not only will you have a cleaner office but you just might have some more ideas after getting some physical exercise (via cleaning). I know I often get my best ideas when walking and think more clearly in a clean workspace, although when writing my office often resembles the aftermath of a paper tornado. Anyway, get a jump on spring cleaning by starting with your office.

If you use digital images in your work, then you will love this list of 30 free image resources. Yes, there are places to get free and legal images on the web. My personal favorite is EveryStockPhoto. So go grab some images and get creative–you’ll need an outlet for all the ideas you come up with after cleaning your office.

And finally, we can’t leave off a Monday post without having a little fun. So here is Surfline’s Top 10 Colleges for Surfing. Yes, here is a list of the best colleges to attend for surfing. California is well-represented and I can personally attest to the influence of surfing at UCSC. If the swells were good in the spring, classes would be (un)surprisingly, poorly attended.

Have a great, productive and fun Monday. More later this week.