IL2008 Day 2 Wrap-up

Another day done at IL 2008. Here are a few final thoughts for the day:

Best Presentation of the Day: 2.0 Learning and 1.8 Users–fabulous presentation, great LOL cats images, wonderful energy! This presentation was so energizing and makes you want to get out there and teach more! The presenters were so engaging and just lovely to hear speaking about what they are obviously passionate about.

Most Improved: Wireless only dropped 3 times during a presentation today in the DeAnza room. Way to go with progress, but still so ironic to have wifi problems at Internet Librarian.

Meta Take Home Message for the Day:
Make online resources for your patrons (we need to be where they are) and figure out what application is best for each task. (Not everything needs to be in Flash!) And remember to market your resources! Oh, and always, always, always make your resources accessible!

2 thoughts on “IL2008 Day 2 Wrap-up

  1. Thanks for reading! It was a great presentation–I look forward to seeing what you both come up with next too! 🙂

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