Blending Technologies for Library Promotion & Instruction: IL2008

Blending Technologies for Library Promotion & Instruction

by May Chang, Margot Hanson, and Kevin Roddy

May Chang:
Video project started because students said they loved working at the library
All of this was volunteer, unpaid
Didn’t want a talking head, students are the best to show on the video
Story-based, brainstormed, storyboarded
Always takes longer than you think to make
Project took 4 months to do 5 minutes video

Hardware used:
Sony Cyber-shot DSC-T1000 camera

Vegas Movie Studio
Camstasia Studio

Talent Release Form
Camera-friendly clothing
Interview questions
Shooting schedule–hard to coordinate schedules
Script–don’t tell everything, don’t make it long

Assessing Information Literacy Online:
by: Margot Hanson & Kevin Roddy

IL (information literacy) tutorial-creation

Tutorial Includes:
Research Journal–guide to research process
IM chat help
Email access to librarians adn instructors
links to other interactive content

Incorporates local interests, Hawaii research because indexing terms are not good for Hawaii research in some databases

Tutorial at

Tutorial follows IL framework, starts simple and defines IL, builds from there

Assessment Challenges:
WASC–drives accreditation
Faculty Buy-in–show tests (ETS iSkills test, etc), standards, etc.
Analysis of data–data from student journals, give response rate to instructors, all about improvement

Take Home Message:
Involving students in video creation is the best way to get engagement and buy-in from students. You don’t need expensive equipment, you just need to be willing to learn and find people who are passionate about teaching and tech.