Tuesday Fun

Happy Tuesday, dear readers! It is final exam week on my campus so I could definitely use some diverting fun today. So I thought I’d share a few interesting things that have come over the feeds in the last few weeks. Friday, I’ll be back to the usual news and notes from the library.

The official start to spring is this Friday and I’m totally looking forward to gardening this year, even though most of my yard is in the shade. I was excited to see this post by Lifehacker on the Top 10 Ways to Get Your Dream Garden Ready this Year. I know a lot of the country is still covered with snow (if you could send some to California, I’d be very grateful), but soon we’ll be able to garden and that makes me smile.

I wanted to share this post of photographs of timepieces with you, too. Somehow it made sense in my head as we are counting down the time to spring planting and also are now on Daylight Savings Time. Besides, sometimes it is just nice to view some beautiful photographs.

Also, as the days get longer, we have more daylight after work to do outdoor activities. I love walking and hiking after work, especially for the ability to find calmness after a busy day. Therefore, I thought this short piece on the importance of letting your mind wander to reset your ability to focus was especially appropriate this time of year as many of us try to cram even more into our days. Yay for nature walks!

I hope these pieces gave you a nice break or inspired you to get away from your phone or computer and take a walk. I’ll be back soon with more news and notes. Allons-y!