Tuesday Fun

Happy Tuesday, dear readers! I hope your week is off to a good start. Today I just want to share a couple of interesting things to provide a bit of fun for your day.

First, clocks seem to be ubiquitous in libraries. We have so many clocks around our library and none of them seem to tell the same time. Makes for interesting coordination of shift changes at our public service points. I think if our clocks were as pretty and clever as this clock, we wouldn’t mind: clock’s hour hand rings its own hourly chime.

Also, while I can’t see this fitting into most libraries, except maybe that one with the demonstration kitchen featured in the last issue of American Libraries, an aquarium kitchen island is still fantastically cool.

Hope you have a wonderful week, full of getting things done and some fun along the way. I’ll be back soon with some more news, notes, and writing. Allons-y!