Tuesday Fun

Happy Tuesday, dear readers! It is exams week here on campus so we could definitely use some fun today. As students are doing their last bit of polish on papers and studying, I’m working away at the last bit of term grading. So I think everyone could use a bit of a study break. So let’s get into the crafty fun today!

I love origami and have since I got my first origami kit as a child. Naturally, I really enjoyed this article and video showing part of the process of how an origami master makes a life size elephant. Amazing!

Also, how could I not share this week in fonts? It’s impossible really to not share these posts. Pick a beautiful font for your next design project and make the world a prettier place.

Finally, I had to share this last post as I’m a huge fan of tea. If I could knit, I’d totally use this snail tea cosy pattern. Adorable!

I hope you have a lovely rest of this week, dear readers, no matter where you are and in what part of the term you are (if your life, like mine, still revolves around a campus calendar). I’ll be back soon with more news and notes. Allons-y!