Tuesday Fun

Happy Tuesday, dear readers. I hope that your week is going well and that you are not feeling the stress that seems to come around holiday times. You know, a great stress reliever is having some fun, so today I have a couple of bits of fun. It is the end of the quarter and I know everyone around here, at least, could use a bit of fun.

I Love Typography has another lovely post on this week in fonts. I’m particularly enamored with Alex Trochut’s Trojan and the possibilities of using it for very lovely book cover designs.

Also, probably of no surprise to readers of this blog, I am rather fond of tea. So it should not be a shock that I quite like this project to make a tea cup lamp. Also, the video tutorial looks quite easy to follow, so yay! I love good instructions when taking on a DIY project.

Finally, because it is definitely the holiday season, I thought we could all use a Simon’s Cat Video: