Design and Creativity

Happy Friday, dear readers! I hope you are well and have had a lovely week. We are past our week of a heatwave here in the Bay Area, which has made this week rather lovely and productive in my opinion. To get your creative juices flowing, and perhaps inspire some projects over the weekend, I wanted to share a few design and creativity articles with you. Use them at home and at work, and share them with others.

I love this chart on picking the right color for whatever you are designing based on color psychology. This is a helpful chart, especially if you’ve never given much thought to the emotions that many people associate with various colors. Perhaps a useful resource for the next time you need to create some flyers or a presentation for the library.

Also on the topic of color is this wonderful video, why color still matters. Enjoy it and share it.

I think we’ve all had times when we wish we were more creative and this article has some help in the form of nine of the best ways to boost creative thinking. I’ve used some of these techniques in the past and they’ve really helped increase my creativity, especially the tip on creating restrictions.

Finally, if you need a place to play to increase your creativity, check out this tutorial on how to build a ball pit on your balcony. This is awesome and inspired by the xckd comic, “Grownups”:

"Grownups" by xkcd

“Grownups” by xkcd

Have a wonderful rest of your day, a terrific weekend, and go out there and create something. I’ll be back soon. Allons-y!