Happy Friday! Stop the Work Madness!

Happy Friday, dear readers! I hope you had a great week. It was the last week of classes before final exams week on my campus, so it has been a busy week and I have a stack of final papers to grade. Today, I want to just take a few minutes to share some great resources about happiness and stopping the busyness cycle at work so we can both enjoy our work and be productive.

This TEDx Talk by Shawn Achor is in my top 5 all time greatest list of TED Talks. Every time I watch it I laugh and his book, The Happiness Advantage is just as insightful and funny. I highly recommend taking about 12 minutes out of your day to watch his talk and be inspired to make the small changes needed in your life to become more happy, which leads to more success (really!).

While happiness may lead to more success and productivity, we still need to have boundaries to stop work overload and obsessive busyness. This blog post over at HBR is quite good: Stop Work Overload by Setting These Boundaries. This is a great post to share with your colleagues and remember, it is healthy not to work every hour of every day.

If you are also feeling in a rut, the Daily Muse has a good post on How to Break Out of a Career Rut in a Month.

Also, because it is Friday, check out Penguin Classics Wallpaper. If I ever get a separate room for a library in my (future) house, I think I will need to get some of this wallpaper.

Finally, those who have read The Waki Librarian for a while know I love design and typography. Last weekend in fact I went to the Open House and Type Sale at M & H Foundry over in the Presidio. (It was fantastic and great to pick up some type and talk with others who are into letterpress printing.) So, it will come as no surprise that I absolute adore the Typographic Carousel workshop that was shared on I Love Typography blog. Fantastic stuff and something nice to end with for this week.

Have a lovely weekend and I’ll be back next week with more. Allons-y!