Getting ready for summer improvement

Happy Friday, dear readers! I know I’ve been away a bit, but I plead end of the quarter chaos, needing time with friends, and finally getting finished with various projects which I will describe in upcoming posts. But today, today I want to talk about summer. Because yay and *happy dance* it is now officially summer and it is time to seriously consider what you’re doing this summer and I hope it is a mixture of wonderful relaxation and improvement.

For the bakers out there, definitely get yourself over to Joy the Baker and check out the lovely summer recipes she’s been posting including: roasted strawberry buttermilk cake. Yay for summer produce!

And, if you are on a budget like me (and really, who isn’t on a budget?), check out Lifehacker’s helpful article on finding free/cheap things to do this summer. Then let me know your favorite things to do. This weekend I’m going to CuriOdyssey via using a Groupon. I’m excited and I’ll let you know how it goes.

Summertime to me always seems like a good time to stop and take stock of how’s it all going. I’ve been thinking a lot recently about conceptions of success and what it means to have a good life. Maybe I’ll have coherent thoughts to share soon. But until then, check out This is Indexed: is that a pulsing vein on your forehead? Truly doing well and being happy are the best revenge (but if you are doing well and are happy, you’re probably not thinking about revenge).

Also, on the happiness front. I really enjoyed this article: 15 things you should give up to be happy. It’s a good reminder to live the life that you want to live and stop worrying about what other people think about it and about you. And while giving up useless criticism is a good thing, sometimes you will still be called upon to give constructive criticism/critiques (especially if you are in a teaching profession), so check out how to give criticism without sounding like a jerk by Lifehacker. Great techniques for all of us.

And because, I can’t help but share cool, beautiful designs, check out how to: hide your ugly wi-fi router in a book cover.

Have a wonderful weekend full of laughter, love, relaxation, and creativity. I’ll be back soon with some thoughts about finishing up projects and moving on to the next projects. Allons-y!