Enjoy your Thanksgiving break!

Hello, dear readers! I hope you are doing well and are easing into the Thanksgiving break if you are in the United States without too much stress. I just have a few things to share with you that you may like to take a look at while you are digesting your large meal tomorrow and don’t feel like moving too much.

First, go check out Lifehacker’s article on the top 10 gadgets for your go bag. There’s some great stuff there and some would make great holiday presents, just saying…

If you just want to stare at beautiful things while digesting your Thanksgiving feast, check out the latest post on I Love Typography. It is beautiful as usual. I really do love typography.

If you are are able to focus on something more serious for a moment over the long weekend, I highly suggest reading all about the SOPA bill that’s going to cripple your internet on Lifehacker. Then, go and actually make your voice heard so the SOPA bill gets stopped.

If you want more information about copyright, Protect IP, and SOPA, check out Hank’s video (he’s one half of the Vlogbrothers):

Also, if you have some energy and feel like being techie, check out Lifehacker’s top 10 ways to customize your technology. Customization is always fun. I actually need to re-customize some stuff that got stripped out a few weeks ago with the latest Chrome updates.

Oh, and because it is the holiday time of year, which to me means baking, I have to share that the Joy the Baker Cookbook is available for pre-order! I’m so excited, although we have to wait until February for the book, because I love her recipes!

Luckily, in time for even Thanksgiving, if you need a quick, not-too-sweet dessert or a nice breakfast bread, check out vegan pumpkin walnut bread from the aforementioned Joy the Baker. It is so good and makes two loaves! Even your non-vegan friends and family members will love it.

Take care, dear readers. Have a lovely Thanksgiving, for those of you in the states, and a lovely weekend for everyone else everywhere. Allons-y!