Back-to-School Productivity

Happy Friday, dear readers! I hope that your day is going well. Back-to-school season makes me think of many things, but one of the things that is top on my priority list is productivity. Once fall hits, it’s just like a huge extra wave of work to do. So I’ve rounded up some recent articles on productivity for you to use and to share with others in our fight to not drown in the fall term’s workload.

First, check out the tips on how to get back into work or study mode after a long break. It can be difficult transitioning back after summer break, so arm yourself with some tricks to do it more smoothly.

I love lists. Anyone who’s read this blog knows this. So I had to link to Lifehacker’s 10 most important things we’ve learned about college list. As a teacher, I can totally second going to office hours. Teachers want to help, but we can’t if students don’t let us know they need help.

Also, I love to-do lists. They make sure I don’t forget to do important things, like buying food and writing articles. To-do lists that I finish I like even better, so I was quite taken with Lifehacker’s how to make your to-do list doable. Read it and then get to accomplishing.

Speaking of productivity, get to know the new Google Docs shortcuts and you’ll be more productive. And with all that new found time you can hop on over to Codeacademy and learn to code. Look how productive you are!

Finally, just look at this photo from Beautiful Portals and take a deep breath, you’ll feel better (and less stressed if all this talk of productivity is making you a bit frenetic).

passages8391 from Beautiful Portals

passages8391 from Beautiful Portals

Have a wonderful weekend filled with friends and fun. I’ll be back next week with more fun tips and tools. Allons-y!