Happy Friday! Enjoy a Work Break!

Happy Friday, dear readers! I’m so happy that we are going into a three-day weekend. So today’s post is super-short and filled with some stuff to amuse you during your work break(s) today. Look for a special post on The Waki Librarian tomorrow (or save it to enjoy when you get back to work on Tuesday).

First, isn’t this just one of the coolest photos you’ve ever seen? I love it.

Dispatchwork "small repairs with legos"

Dispatchwork "small repairs with legos"

You can see the rest of the photos over on the wonderful beautiful portals tumblr.

Also for your work break, Lifehacker’s article on the best places to take a fall vacation on the cheap. Because even if you can’t take a fall vacation, it sure is a nice thing to think about.

Now, to end and also shamelessly copy my wonderful friend Hanna who posted this a couple of weeks ago: sing along with Breaking Benjamin. You’ll feel better. Just better shut the door before belting out the chorus, if you are at the office, just saying.

Or, if you’re really not into singing and are more into bow ties, because bow ties are cool, check out this clip of the Doctor in action:

Have a fantastic weekend and I promise The Waki Librarian will be back soon with more tech, library, and archives news and notes. Allons-y!