Old and New in Technology

Happy Friday, dear readers! I hope you have a lovely weekend planned. Before you head out of the office to start enjoying your weekend, I wanted to share some cool articles (and an infographic) about old and new technology with you. So let’s get into the tech tips and then get you ready to enjoy your weekend.

So, this 100 things your kids may never know about list got me thinking about technology obsolescence. Combined with this infographic: evolution of storage, all I could think about was how many different recording and storage technologies there have been over the centuries and how they are only obsolete for most people. If you are an archivist, historian, conservator, or any other professional who deals with the past, these technologies are sometimes headache-inducing, but they’re not obsolete in terms of being of use or value. However, it is becoming more and more difficult to retrieve the data from storage formats such as U-matic tapes, open reel films, and floppy disks.

Happily however, with technological obsolescence always comes shiny new toys to play with, or at least shiny ways of retrofitting old stuff to work in new ways. So if you need a project this weekend, check out Lifehacker’s article on how to turn an old computer into a networked backup, streaming, or torrenting machine with FreeNAS. You could also check out the article on how to run your home network like a coffee shop for easier guest access and family-friendly browsing. And finally, something to share with your family, friends, and library patrons who are confused about Wi-Fi routers: Lifehacker’s guide on which Wi-Fi router should I buy?.

So that’s our quick look at something old and something new in the world of technology this Friday. If all that technology talk makes you hungry, check out Joy the Baker’s lovely recipe for double chocolate indoor s’mores.

I hope you have a great rest of your day and a fantastic weekend. I’ll be away next week, but will be back the following week with more library, archives, and tech fun. Until then, be well, read fun books, and enjoy your summer. Allons-y!