Twitter and Typography

Happy Friday, dear readers! I hope you’ve had a lovely week and have a great weekend planned. As you read this, I will hopefully be on the road driving back to my beloved Bay Area from my research trip in SoCal. Today I thought I’d share a handful of articles about Twitter and some fun pages about typography that should be useful for you and your patrons. Then let’s all agree to relax and get ready for the weekend!

I’ve been collecting links to articles and posts about Twitter over the last couple of months and I’ve rounded them up here so you have a convenient list of links to give out to people who may need some convincing that Twitter can actually be a useful tool. There are also some good ideas for those of you who already use Twitter, but want to use it more effectively.

First, for those who believe the that Twitter is just for narcissists, check out the top 10 uses for Twitter that aren’t self-indulgent. And while you don’t want to be narcissistic, you probably do want to increase the number of followers you have on Twitter, so check out ways to increase your Twitter following too.

If you use Twitter on your Android, you might be interested in Twicca, which is a Twitter client. Only downfall is that it can only be configured for one account. So if you have multiple Twitter accounts, I suggest Seesmic. (And yes, I’m that person with multiple Twitter accounts. I use Twitter for my classes, so I’m not a narcissist, really.) The regular Twitter app is quite good too. Yay for choices of apps (and the mobile web) for getting your Twitter fix while on the go.

Now on to typography, which really has little to do with Twitter other than the fact that I’m rather interested in both. First check out this great post: You Don’t Really Strike Me as an Ariel on font selection and then for some fun, check out the infographic, So you need a typeface. If you really love typography, I can’t recommend I Love Typography enough. It has so much to inspire you, including this post all kinds of type. Maybe if we all work together we can rid the world of poorly used fonts and bad typography. Even if we can’t, we can at least look at some lovely examples of typography.

To end, check out Improv Everywhere’s “Gotta Share! The Musical”

Have a wonderful rest of your day, a lovely weekend, and I’ll be back next week with more library, archives, and tech fun. Allons-y!