Study Break Time

Happy Wednesday! So if you work in the land of academia and you’re on the semester system, you’ve probably just endured (or are about to endure) the end of the semester craziness. If you’re on the quarter system (like my institution), you’re still in the middle of the term and students are instead going a bit crazy over studying for midterms and the like. Either way, I thought we could all use a quick study break today. So share these links with those students (colleagues, friends, and family members) who you think could benefit from them.

First, check out Lifehacker’s wonderful article on the top 10 fixes for annoying web problems. We can always count on Lifehacker to share some useful advice.

Also from Lifehacker is this very useful article with tips on ending sleep problems. I don’t know about you, but I definitely know a few students (and librarians and archivists) who could use some more sleep. In addition to the tips in the article, I’ll share my friend’s advice that you should also try yoga (it works, really).

Finally, you should really check out this article on a guy who has an augmented reality tattoo. Then check out the video of the tattoo below. It’s both crazy and cool.

Have a wonderful rest of your day and I’ll be back on Friday with some reflections on the preservation workshop I was at earlier this week along with some thoughts on other issues facing libraries and archives. Allons-y!