Happy Stuff for a Friday!

Happy Friday, dear readers! Today I’m taking my lovely friend Hanna’s idea of sharing fun stuff on Friday. I have many ideas for longer blog posts percolating in my head, but as I’m still neck-deep in transcribing interviews for my research, they are all pretty jumbled at the moment. I promise more coherent thoughts on libraries, archives, and technology next week. But for today, let’s get to some interesting news and fun stuff for the weekend.

First, some tech tips to share with others. If somehow you missed National Backup Day last week, check out Lifehacker’s guide on how to set up an automated, bulletproof file backup solution. Also, check out this nice article on how to rip, watch, and organize everything. Plus, for Gmail users, definitely go over to the Gmail Blog to find out about some really awesome fixes that have been rolled out. Finally, check out this article on extending your phone or laptop battery life.

Now on to the fun for the weekend. I’ve been having people over to my place for dinner a lot lately, so I’ve been cooking way more than usual. I think a lot of people start thinking about having people over when the weather gets better and we all come out of hibernation. So if you are like me and need some inspiration for dinner, I can’t recommend highly enough Joy the Baker. Don’t be misguided by the name, even though Joy does a lot of baking, she also has fabulous savory recipes. This last week the big hits in my house were her baked curry sweet potato fries and goat cheese biscuits. So go make something yummy this weekend.

And to end, enjoy a short break with Simon’s Cat in Cat Chat:

Have a wonderful rest of your day, a relaxing weekend, and I’ll be back next week with some thoughts on students, archives, and teachable moments (among other things). Allons-y!