A Chrome and Android Kind of Friday

Happy Friday, dear readers! I hope you have a lovely weekend planned. Did anyone know that this Sunday is Super Bowl Sunday? I surely didn’t when I planned to have a dinner party this Sunday. But enough about how I’m thoroughly unaware of what is going on in professional sports and back to what I am aware of–fun technology stuff. This week has seen some very exciting announcements, like demos of tablets running on Android Honeycomb, and news of how technology and revolutions interact, as in Egypt. Since those two have been written about extensively over the last week, I’m not going to repeat it here. Instead, I want to share a few good articles about Chrome and Android. Allons-y!

A quick postscript to Wednesday’s post on not working 24/7 (aka please have a life), check out Lifehacker’s article, “Find time for your personal life”. Okay, now we can move on to today’s fun tech stuff.

First up, two useful Google Chrome articles: one for snoozing your emails, the other with helpful tips. First, I think the ability to snoonze your email sounds like a good way to build in quick reminders to do things. I’m going to set it up for my work email as there are just too many emails that come in each day and it is easy for things to get lost in the mess. I’ve tried to keep a zero inbox policy and only check my email at certain times each day, but it just doesn’t work with my job so I think the snooze button would help.

Also, if you use Chrome (and really, why wouldn’t you be using Chrome), you’ll want to check out Gizmodo’s Google Chrome cheat sheet: 10 tips and tricks. You are probably already employing many of these tips and tricks, but it is a good list to share with your not so tech savvy friends and patrons.

Onward to the Android fun. Lifehacker has a great explanation on how to use the new web based Android Market. Yay for easier to use market! Also, check out Gizmodo’s list of the best Android apps. I’m more in favor of developing for the mobile web than native apps, but there are some great native apps out there so give the list a glance.

Finally, not really Chrome or Android news/tips, but may be of interest to all those currently looking for employment: how to use Twitter to help you find a new job. Again, this would be a great article to share with people you know who are looking for a job, but haven’t discovered the wonders of Twitter for news and employment opportunities.

Because it is Friday, we have to end with a fun video. Here’s the trailer for Series 6 of Doctor Who. Enjoy!

Have a wonderful rest of your day, a relaxing weekend, and I’ll be back next week with more random tech news and library/archives fun.