Tech Fun and Relaxation

Happy Friday! Today I thought talk a bit about some of the recent tech news. There’s been a lot of interesting and important tech news in the last few days and I just want to highlight a couple of things. And I also want to talk about relaxation because, dear reader, this is my last day on campus before the holiday vacation and I’m ready for relaxing. But first, tech fun!

By now you’ve probably heard about the possibility of Yahoo discontinuing the popular social bookmarking service, delicious.I’ve had a delicious account for years (before you had to have a Yahoo account) and love the interface and usefulness of the service. So I know, it’s annoying and frustrating to have to move your bookmarks. After you freak out about this, check out WebWorkerDaily’s 5 delicious alternatives article or Lifehacker’s post on best bookmarking services.

Luckily I’ve been trying Google Bookmarks for a while so I had somewhere to easily deposit my bookmarks from delicious. I just wish the tags had transferred over too. But I guess this will force me to actually clean up my bookmarks.

In other (good) tech news: is now open to all. is a simple to use splash page where you can link together all your online information. And the pages look fantastic with very little effort. I created a page a while ago. If you want to see an example of a page you can see mine here: [Note: You may not be able to get to (because of an amazing amount of traffic due to Lifehacker’s article, no doubt). But be patient and try again later because it really is great.]

And now from tech news to relaxation. While many of us talk about relaxing over the holidays, I’d wager that a lot of us will be checking work email and trying to get work stuff done. That’s why I’m sharing this wonderful idea from danah boyd on her email sabbatical. I just love this idea and hope to implement it sometime soon because everyone deserves a true break without worrying about an avalanche of email when they return to work.

And because it is the 17th, the video had to be about Tron Legacy. Check out this great video about the sound editing and soundtrack–lots of fun, pretty stuff.

Enjoy your weekend, read a lot, and relax. I may or may not be back next week with a post, but I’ll definitely be back in the new year. Have a wonderful holiday and very happy new year, dear readers!