Round-up of Random, Helpful Tech Stuff

Happy Wednesday and Happy December! Can you believe it is already December? I mean, really, where did this year go? As the year is coming to a close, I thought it might be nice to have a quick round-up of helpful tech for today.

Just to continue the Thanksgiving Day cheer, check out Lifehacker’s great list of 50 Free Apps We’re Most Thankful For. Then start downloading. And yes, I’m well aware that the mobile web is where it’s at, but apps can be fun too.

This Slideshare presentation of Five Ways to Not Suck at PowerPoint is very useful and should be a requirement for all presenters to view. Please, please, please make PowerPoint Presentations that aren’t awful. I’m really hoping some of the presenters at the next conference I go to follow some of this advice because it is so nice to see (and hear) a good presentation (and so painful to sit through a bad one).

Do you have a Google Voice account? Of course you do, dear reader, because you are a savvy technology user. But, maybe you aren’t sure of exactly what you can do with Google Voice. Lifehacker comes to the rescue with a guide of the Most Helpful Ways to Use Google Voice that You’re Not Using.

And just for fun, check out the Hacker’s Guide to Tea. It is definitely tea weather.

And to end, because everyone needs to laugh at least once a day, check out the Vlogbrothers’ outtakes video:

Have a lovely rest of your day and I’ll be back on Friday.