Geeky web fun for Friday

Happy Friday! I thought today it might be nice to have a round-up of some fun and geeky web tools, you know, because it’s Friday and Fridays should be fun. (Or if you are really in weekend mode, just skip to the end of the post where you will find a fun video. Don’t worry, I won’t tell and there won’t be a pop quiz on the post next week. Promise.) So let’s get into some of the interesting and helpful stuff that has come up over the feeds lately. And yes, you can definitely use most of these tools for work in the library (or archives).

Lifehacker wrote a great post on the best language tools for geeks. A great resource to share with your library patrons and anyone in your life who loves language or is learning a new language and needs help with pronunciations.

For those of you who are inspired to get your own domain name, check out the five best domain name registrars. And for a great, fast, easy, and secure way to search for available domain names, check out domize.

Also falling under the umbrella of helpful to share with your library patrons, Lifehacker has issued its top 10 must have browser extensions: 2010 edition. This year’s edition has extensions for browsers other than Firefox making it infinitely more useful.

And while you are spinning around the web checking out the cool links above, don’t forget to head over to WebWorkerDaily to check out the article on EtherCodes: online collaborative code editing. Seems like it would be helpful, though I can definitely see it getting a bit crazy with a bunch of people trying to edit at the same time–but that happens any time there is group editing!

Oh, and in the category of not geeky per se, but just an example of good design, check out the volunteer-built website for the Lafayette Library and Learning Center (in California, not Louisiana). Not only does the Lafayette Library have an enviable physical building (I just toured the library with the San Francisco Bay Region Chapter of SLA and spent most of the tour alternately saying, “Wow” and “I’m so jealous.” It’s a beautiful space and I highly suggest a visit if you are in the Bay Area.), the library has a lovely, tranquil, and usable website. It’s color-coordinating, doesn’t use horrible fonts and there are no horrible flashing, animated GIFs. More libraries should take this simple, elegant approach to designing a usable website.

Finally, check out this great video clip from The Big Bang Theory because who doesn’t like a great big ball pit?

Enjoy your weekend, read a lot, and relax. But before I let you go, I have one last piece of information to share: it’s the Litbrarian’s birthday today. So if you are feeling in the spirit, go give him a birthday shout out on his blog or go say happy birthday via Twitter @litbrarian. That’s it for the public service announcement, I’ll be back next week with more library and geeky fun.