Flying, Cloud Computing, and Archives

Okay, so yeah, it was a stretch to get all three things into one post–it made a lot more sense in my head. But for a quick, mid-week technology and information world hit, I am going to share some cool links about all three topics: flying, cloud computing, and archives. So as the Doctor would say, “Allons-y!”

Did you see the announcement that NARA released guidelines for records management in cloud computing environments? (NARA stands for National Archives and Records Administration.) You can read the NARA bulletin in full, here. Just when you thought records management couldn’t get any more complicated in the digital environment, along comes the cloud. Have I ever mentioned before how happy I am not being a records manager? Unfortunately, cloud computing impacts archivists’ work too–anyone have any experience with cloud computing in the archives?

Now that we are all worrying about cloud computing and archives, let’s move on to something a bit easier to wrap one’s head around: flying and airlines, or rather how to make travel a little less onerous. (And I will say, once more for the record, that I am so glad Internet Librarian is close enough to my home that I don’t have to fly.)

Once again Lifehacker comes to the rescue with a couple of great articles for flyers: how to spend less time in line at the airport and how to master airline loyalty programs.

Oh, and if you have to be in an airport this week, pick up a “banned book” to read and celebrate Banned Books Week! Check out the list of the most frequently challenged books in 2009 on ALA’s website.

Have a wonderful rest of your day and week. The Waki Librarian will be back on Friday with a post about balance (and no, you don’t have to read it while standing in Tree pose.)