Tech lists

Happy Friday! So, wow, does anyone else feel like they’ve had a really long week that went quite quickly because of all the meetings and chaos? Hm, maybe that’s just me. Anyway, it’s beginning to get busy on campus again as classes start up next week and I’ve been in meetings what seems like all week, so this is going to be a relatively short post this week. It’s all about technology and includes some lists of technology fun (mainly because I like lists and Lifehacker has had a bunch of them recently). So sit back, grab a cup of tea, and read on for some tech tips to put on your list of things to do this weekend for fun.

For those who aren’t Mac and Linux people, the release of Windows 7 was a pretty big deal. It’s definitely a vast improvement over Vista and slicker than XP. For those who still aren’t quite sure what to do with it, check out Lifehacker’s list of the top 10 things to do with a new Windows 7 system.

Also, for more fun hacks, check out 8 clever ways to take advantage of free calling in Gmail. Who doesn’t like free when it comes to technology? Also, if you have an external hard drive lying around and you’re not quite sure how to utilize it most effectively, check out the top 10 external hard drive tricks.

Not a list, but still about technology and an issue near and dear to my heart, accessibility, is Gizmodo’s article: “How Blind People See the Internet”. Take the time to read it, then take the time to share it with the website people at your library and help make your library’s website more accessible. Oh, and kudos to WordPress for being quite an accessible online platform according to the fabulous Web2Access. (Web2Access is a great resource for quickly checking out the level of accessibility of various online products and tools.)

Now that you’ve become an even more savvy technology user, you deserve something fun. Therefore check out the guide on how to customize almost anything you buy. My friends and I love some of these customizing sites–great for creating personalized gifts. Plus, it is just fun to play around with customizing different items, so have some fun this weekend and allow your inner artist to play.

While this post has been about technology lists, I just couldn’t help but highlight this article from Seth Godin that came through on my reader: turning the tables on critical trolls. We’ve all had to deal with people that criticize new ideas; this seems to happen especially when it comes to trying out new technologies for supplementing or improving services in the libraries. It is so much easier to criticize than actually create or put your ideas on the line, as Godin notes, and his simple way of dealing with the trolls is fantastic. Really, take the time and put it to use in the next meeting you’re in. And remember, don’t be a troll–they’re not made of awesome.

And, because it wouldn’t be Friday if I didn’t have something fun, wacky, or just plain silly to share, here is a library video that is making its way around the blogosphere. I have to give major props to anyone brave enough to sing in a YouTube video:

Have a fantastic weekend full of relaxing and reading. The Waki Librarian will be back next week.