Productivity, Hugs, and Communication

Hi, all. I’d say, “Happy Monday,” but that seems a little cruel. (Although I do hope your Monday is going, and continues to go, well.) I thought to myself that to make Monday a little better we’d talk a bit about fun stuff, like hugs, and useful stuff, like productivity and communication. So grab a cup of tea and take a break to read some of the interesting stuff going around the web.

In keeping with Friday’s post about back-to-school or, more specifically, back-to-college, I have this New York Time’s article, Failure to Communicate. Unfortunately, I can completely relate to having students who are unable to deal with conflict and only want to communicate via text messaging. And, truly unfortunately, I have been called by parents who want their students to get into my department’s classes. Really, I’m not making it up. This would all be slightly amusing, like the Threadless shirt about the art of conversation, if it weren’t so true. So really, get off your computer today and actually have a conversation with someone. If you teach, actually have your students interact with each other. Remember to connect and communicate. That’s all I have to say about that (although I’m always happy to continue the conversation with you later).

You want to be productive, you really do, but it is just so difficult with all the fun and distracting stuff on the web. I understand, and so do the people at Lifehacker. Check out their article on How to Deal with Distractions in a Web Worker’s World. Great advice and tips, as always, from Lifehacker.

Now we get to the super fun stuff. (I know, you thought I had forgotten about the hugs, didn’t you? As if I would do that.) Check out this guest post on Zen Habits, How to be Insanely Productive and Keep Smiling. I love this post probably because I like being productive and like being in a place (and headspace) where I feel like smiling. Also, it probably has to do with the introduction to the post, “You can be insanely productive–and still smell the freesias, savor a Pinot Noir, or enjoy a languid hug.” I’m a big fan of hugs; there should be more hugs in every day (Pinot Noir isn’t bad either, but I’d like to swap the freesias for roses, thanks for asking.) The advice, or lessons, in this post is great. I am very lucky in that I love what I do and definitely have a lot more days when I’m truly thankful to be doing what I do than when I want to pull my hair out. Granted I still get stressed, and I haven’t achieved perfect patience, but overall I know I’m on the correct path for me. And that is where I hope (and wish) that all of us are at in our lives.

So get out there and enjoy your insanely productive week. Give someone a hug and tell them they’re awesome (extra karma points if you also give them cookies). Walk over and actually talk to your colleague whose office is next door instead of sending another email. And finally, get outside and enjoy some fresh air (preferable on a break, with a book). The Waki Librarian will be back with more goodies on Friday.