Quizzes, Randomness, and Other Things that Confuse me

It is another gloomy Friday in the Bay Area. We are supposed to have another storm moving in today, thus the gloom outside. But, as the title of this post indicates, there are plenty of weird and wonderful things to keep me busy so I can ignore the rather grey day outside.

Do you like quizzes? I never liked graded quizzes in school but taking rather random quizzes is sometimes fun. I have to admit to being slightly surprised, but not shocked, by my results from taking this quiz:How Millennial are You?. Even though I am technically a Millennial (or Generation Y, depending on who is writing the article), I scored so low on this quiz as to be considered more akin to the Baby Boomer generation. I find this both hilarious and scary. Hilarious, because trying to make sweeping generalizations about a generation is a risky venture at best and often breaks down when analyzing a single person’s life. Scary, because there are only 14 questions in the quiz and I have issues with some of the questions that are used to separate out the generations. If you take the quiz, let me know what you think–I’d love to hear your thoughts on it.

Now for a quiz that I actually quite like and probably appeals because, well, just check out the title: Nerd? Geek? Dork?. My friend who writes the blog …fly over me, evil angel… alerted me to this quiz. Yes, it is fluffy. Yes, it is something that is just fun. No, it isn’t going to help you solve any library technology issues. But it will make you smile and everyone needs a smile (and perhaps even a chuckle) on a Friday.

Now that you’ve finished with some interesting quizzes, here is a link that can actually help with a possible library or other workplace technology issue: Basic Netiquette for Email Lists and Forums. If everyone read and followed these simple guidelines, I would be very happy and I suspect you would be too. Let’s all agree to stop sending the “Me too” responses to lists and stop hitting the “Reply All” when we don’t need to, okay? Thank you from the bottom of my never-ending email inbox.

Since it is so gloomy, I thought it might be nice to have a link to an article on luck and how to make your own luck. This article makes me happy and it is a good reminder to break out of routine and try something new.

And the final public service announcement for the day comes from Lifehacker: Fact and Fiction: The Truth about Browser Cookies. Share it with someone and decrease, in some small way, the amount of confusion in the world.

Finally, what would Friday be without xkcd? A Friday without xkcd, but that just wouldn’t be any fun.

Honor Societies

Honor Societies by xkcd

Have a fantastic weekend.