Friday Tech Help

Happy Friday! Today’s post is the usual round-up of helpful technology tips, some of which are from slightly older posts hanging around the web (mainly because I haven’t cleared out my feed reader for a bit). I am also apparently still thinking about travel because as I reviewed the links for today, most of them will be helpful the next time you are traveling and need to bring along your laptop or do anything on the Internet (which is, let’s admit it, just about every trip).

So the one item I want to bring to your attention and that isn’t really travel related is the new Friend of a Friend’s Group wiki, explained here. This is such a lovely idea, and I simply can’t believe this hasn’t been done before. Every library could use an extra influx of cash right now. If you have ideas or suggestions, please contribute to this wiki.

Now, on to the tech stuff for the day. Lifehacker has a great article stating that You’re Backing up Your Data the Wrong Way. Really, you have no excuse not to back up your data considering how easy it is and how cheap external storage has become over the last couple of years. Read this article and then go back up your data so if you do face the “blue screen of death,” you won’t lose all of your data.

I think I’m going to have my next Information Literacy class read this Lifehacker article, Internet Survival Guide for Traveling where Privacy isn’t Respected, when we talk about information and power. These are ways that you can protect your data and privacy, even while using Internet Cafes. I wish I had known more of these tips when I was living in South America. I love these tips and will use them the next time I’m traveling.

Finally in the traveling vein of tips, Find the Best Spots in New Cities with these Tools. I love that the first tip is to actually plan ahead, but the rest of the tips are very good too.

And, lastly, here is Lifehacker’s article on How to Put your PC to Good Use while You’re Sleeping. Lots of ideas for how to run maintenance programs while you are sleeping and they won’t interfere with your work.

Have a wonderful weekend, read lots, and the Waki Librarian will be back next week for more library and tech fun.