Google Wave

Google Wave is poised to be the next big thing to happen to online communication. Or at least that is how it is being marketed– “email if email was created today.” I think that it is like a lot of other collaborative, Web 2.0-like kind of tools in the fact that they are only fun and only really make sense if you can use them with other people. And since Google Wave is still in preview, it’s a little difficult to fully exploit all the awesome potential.

That was a really long way of saying that I have 10 Google Wave invites to hand out (amazingly, at least to my mind, only a handful of people at my work wanted them when I offered). I really want more people to try out Google Wave so the first 10 people to comment on this post will get the invitations. Just leave me your email address in the comment and say you would like an invite. Then let me know how you like “waving.”

More techie and library-related stuff later in the day after I finish posting the final grades for my students.