Climate Change and Libraries

Happy Blog Action Day! Yes, that’s right, today is Blog Action Day and this year’s topic is climate change. In addition to being bastions of free speech, kingdoms of information and houses of technology, libraries are also places that are part of the Green Movement. Many of the libraries that are being built or retrofitted are being built with sustainability, for the planet and the library, in mind. I think this is a great development and yet another way for libraries to help the communities they serve. So below are some of resources to find out more about green library design and other ways you can help the planet. Climate change is everyone’s problem and therefore everyone can be part of the solution.

Library Journal’s LJ Design Institute Going event is this year in Dallas. As LJ says it is “an event series on sustainable building and design.” This one day event is being held on December 11th at the Dallas Public Library. Admission is free so sign up now because it is limited to 100 attendees. If you go, let me know how it went.

Also from Library Journal is the latest Library by Design, September 2009 issue. The entire issue is dedicated to “green” or “sustainable” design and also has some great information about limiting light pollution. I definitely learned a lot by reading this issue.

Obviously not everyone is getting ready for a library renovation or construction, but everyone can help create more sustainable library operations. Recycling, only printing out what you (or your users) need, and switching to more energy efficient products all help combat climate change. Of course whole countries, including the United States, need to get behind saving the planet by agreeing to not just trade carbon offset credits but actually decrease carbon output and start reducing waste and following more stringent sustainable practices.

Because, even though Photoshop is great, it is much better to see the Fall Foliage in person as shown by xkcd.

"Fall Foliage" by

Have a great day, go forth and help the planet (and your fellow human beings), and remember to read. More later from the Waki Librarian.